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In Our May/June 2017 Issue

Last Updated May 08, 2017
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Letter from the Publisher

Our covers tell a story 

The old adage about not judging a book by its cover is usually good advice, but it’s a new day for Edible San Diego. We are featuring the art of San Diego County artists on our six covers this year as something different, authentically local, and as a way to connect with new readers. We can be playful, creative and inclusive with our covers, just like each of us can choose to try new things. 

Speaking of new things, we hope you enjoy our second round of the Day Tripper community feature, accompanied by some Oceanside advertisers who want you to know about them when you come to visit. Also new is a feature on our Splash Event, a new way for Edible San Diego to thank the companies who choose to advertise with us. Our advertisers provide you with resources you want to know about and help us serve you better. Thank you to the advertisers, friends and guests who helped us “make a splash” with our goals and progress for 2017. 

Did you know that Edible San Diego has been contributing to a meaningful dialogue about food and wellness in San Diego County for almost nine years? These changes that I am introducing to the company are part of my own personal and professional journey, and they come with a purpose. 

After five decades and a bit on this planet, I’ve come to see how interconnected things are. This issue’s theme of Sustainable Home gives us tools and inspiration to practice conscious self care as we connect with the earth and each other in new ways. Like Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese” reminds us, every day the “soft animal of our body” asks to be fed, to rest, to play, to work, and it seeks to serve us in all the ways we demand. Taking care of our bodies and those of our loved ones is a positive act that we can practice whatever the circumstance of our lives. 

In other words, what we put in our mouths and on our bodies every day matters. Our health affects how we live our lives with our families and directly impacts our regional food economy here in San Diego County. We are all connected. So many issues that have seemed separate are actually coming together more than ever before. This is a good trend because as humans, our capacity to act reflects the stories we listen to and tell. 

Join me in sharing the stories about local food and businesses that take the wellbeing of our planet to heart. They will continue to grace the pages—paper and digital—of Edible San Diego even as we feel our oats and kick up our heels a bit. Here’s to you, dear reader, and to all of us collectively. We need each other to thrive.

Local Talent: Turning the Tide in Oceanside

chef Davin Waite
Inventive sushi chef Davin Waite feeds customers and community

Day Tripper: Discover Oceanside’s thriving food and brew scene

In our last issue (March-April), I took you to North County San Diego for a brief tour of the intriguing city of Escondido. This time around, we’ll journey west from Escondido to the coast to check...

Loving Local and Making a Splash!

When Katie Stokes took the helm as the new publisher and owner of Edible San Diego in January of 2017, she asked herself how she could make this beloved publication even more relevant and instrumental...

If These Walls Could Talk

Brian and Susan Fallgren’s single-story adobe ranch style Campo home
There’s a secret hidden within the walls of Brian and Susan Fallgren’s Campo home. What looks like a single-story adobe ranch style typical of our region’s history is actually a structure on the...

Grangetto Family–Reflecting the Changing Face of County Agriculture

The Grangetto family’s roots grow deep in San Diego County, literally and figuratively.

Feeling Berry Peachy

There are few greater gustatory pleasures than biting into a ripe, juicy peach, its sweet nectar rolling down your chin. The glorious fuzzy fruit is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals, and has...

San Diego Urban Timber

San Diego Urban Timber founders, Jessica Van Arsdale & Dan Herbst
There are logs. Lots of them. Grey from being out in the weather, they stretch from one end of the parking lot to the other. Some are as big around as oil drums. Dan Herbst stands by some recently cut...

Old Rags are the New Paper Towels

Consider this: you don’t need paper towels in your house. No, really! Sure, they’re biodegradable so, as far as household materials go, they are not the biggest offender. But they are made from...

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