Juice Wave Serves Up Wellness on Wheels

By Lauren Mahan / Photography By Chris Rov Costa | September 01, 2015
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Arleigh Rose of Juice Wave
Arleigh Rose of Juice Wave

Founder Chef Arleigh Rose's recipe for success: High-quality farm-to-table ingredients-As a young girl Arleigh Rose always dreamed of someday becoming a head chef and owning her own restaurant.

So it's no wonder that after earning a management degree from Colorado State University and attending the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont, she was on the culinary fast track, eventually landing a position with award-winning Chef Michael Tusk at his Michelin two-star restaurant, Quince, in San Francisco.

"Working at Quince really solidified my appreciation and passion for cooking," says Rose. "Building on what I had learned in culinary school, it provided me with the hands-on experience I would need to eventually run my own kitchen."

Perhaps her fondest memories are of visiting the farmers' markets with Chef Tusk to personally select ingredients for the day's menu. "We would go from farm stand to farm stand, meeting the farmers in person and coming to appreciate how they take pride in their work," she recalls.

According to Rose, "Many chefs today have lost their appreciation of and connection to the journey from farm to table." In order reconnect as a chef, she began volunteering at organic farms to "get her hands back in the dirt." In this way she eventually teamed up with Farmer Leo's in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and the idea for a new and unique business venture was born.

Enter San Diego's first—and only—organic juice truck.

Juice Wave Truck

We asked Chef Rose how she made the leap from culinary fine dining chef to juicing entrepreneur. "Actually, it wasn't that much of a leap," she explains. "While working as a chef in San Francisco, when I would take my 30-minute break, it was simply more expedient to grab a freshly prepared, nutrient-rich juice before heading back to work." Rose also feels that the palate-cleansing effects of the juice made constant tasting of typically rich, buttery and salty dishes, well, more palatable!

"When I moved back to San Diego in 2014, I felt it was time to use my culinary skills and passion for juice in a new way," Rose recalls. "Here was all this great local agriculture, coupled with San Diego's huge geographic expanse. So the decision was simple: A travelling organic juice truck."

Today the Juice Wave truck and their recently opened storefront in Mission Beach offer made-to-order juices based on seasonally available organic fruits and vegetables, in order to achieve maximum taste potential. They also offer one, two and three day juice cleanses, as well as almond milk-based smoothies, acai bowls and seasonal raw soup. "We're also a strong supporter of local sustainability," adds Rose. "Our juice pulp is recycled as compost and chicken feed, plus we are partnering with local farm-to-table restaurants by providing organic juices for their cocktail and refreshment menus."

Juice Wave
3733 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92109

Sidebar: Juicing 101

We interviewed Dr. Shidfar Rouhani, ND, DC, at Bastyr University in Sorrento Valley about the benefits of juicing.

Q: What are the differences between fasting and a detox juice cleanse?

A: With a juice cleanse, you're still eating but all your nutrients are coming from the juice. The nice thing about juice cleansing is, because you're consuming food in a much more nutrient dense form, you're getting more vitamins. After a few days, that can trigger the body to go into automatic detox mode.

Q: How often do we need to detox?

A: It's not bad to do a little detox spring cleaning every year.

Q: What can I expect to experience on a juice cleanse?

A: Around day 3 or 4, some patients report blood sugar-related fogginess. With a juice cleanse, since you're not eating solids, your digestive tract will start eliminating toxins around day 6.

Bastyr University is a regionally accredited, globally respected institution of natural health arts and sciences whose mission is to improve the planet through innovative education, research and clinical service.

Article from Edible San Diego at http://ediblesandiego.ediblecommunities.com/drink/juice-wave-serves-wellness-on-wheels
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