In our September/October 2017 issue

By Katie Stokes / Photography By Chris Rov Costa | Last Updated September 01, 2017
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Drink up! 

We’re going to take the phrase “Water, water, everywhere” from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s 1834 poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” and repurpose it because in San Diego there are lots of good things to drink. In Southern California’s late summer and early autumn, our thoughts turn to all that is cool, refreshing, and local. 

Welcome to the September-October 2017 issue of Edible San Diego, our Beverages issue. We offer you a tempting mix of stories from the cup that reflect our unique Edible mission—with nutrition, history, geography, and tips to up your cocktail literacy. 

In San Diego County, we have some serious liquid assets. Not only are we the global capital of craft beer (locally produced hops—who knew?), but San Diegans are growing and processing wine grapes in rural—and urban—places you need to know about. Distilling fine spirits locally adds a third dimension to designate our region as a little bit of beverage heaven. We invite you to broadly sample—all year long—San Diego County’s growing beverage scene, which also includes mead, kombucha, cider, tonics and more great local drinks. Why? Because if we want San Diego to be a garden of beverage delights, then we as consumers need to support the local beverage artisans working hard to make it happen. 

Other fun details this time around include a day trip to Fallbrook in San Diego County’s inland-north territory, where many surprises await you. We offer a hands-on element with an organization you’ll want to know more about. And stretching our water theme toward the Pacific, we ponder the future of our local fishing industry. 

While we’re talking content, I want to dangle out there a promise that in 2018 we will be making some grand changes to our editorial strategy. You keep evolving, right? Well, so will Edible San Diego, and #YouAreInvited to join the conversations about “all things great and small” (borrowing from Coleridge again) in our regional food system. 

I’m getting thirsty, so I’ll wrap this up and let you savor this magazine. I hope you’re also connected to our newsletter and social media between printings, and if your neighborhood supply of Edible’s latest issue has dried up, consider subscribing so it comes to your door! 

We’re raising our glasses to you—our readers, advertisers, contributors and friends— in gratitude for this conversation, community and movement that is Edible San Diego. Cheers!

Katie Stokes 

Publisher, Edible San Diego


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