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What is a Farmer?

August 04, 2014
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Farmer Robin and Lucila
Farmer Robin and Lucila

A farmer grows fruits, vegetables and animals for us kinds of crops. These farms are hundreds—even thousands—of acres large. Most are found in the flat, central region of the United States. Other farmers grow many different types of crops on smaller farms. These farms are located all over the country. In San Diego County, we are able to grow crops year-round. We are lucky that the climate is mild and it does not snow in the winter. We have many farms here and many farmers who grow fruit and vegetables for us to enjoy.

One of the farms in south San Diego County is called Suzie’s Farm. It started in 2004 and covers 140 acres of land. The owners, Lucila and Robin, named the farm after their dog. Suzie was a Norwegian Elkhound that they found on the land when they first started farming there.

Lucila loves being a farmer because she loves to grow food for her community. She also loves that growing food brings people together. For her, this means that growing food helps grow her community. People work together at the farm to grow the crops. And people come together at the table to enjoy meals made with the fruits and vegetables that are grown at Suzie’s Farm. This is all a celebration of life.

On the surface, Lucila says, it looks like farmers just grow vegetables. But they actually do much more. A farmer takes a little seed and plants it in the earth. At first, the seed doesn’t look anything at all like a fruit or a vegetable The seed is protected by the earth and warmed by the sun. The farmer waters the seed, and it grows and it changes. The seed gets protection from the earth. It gets warmth and energy from the sun. And it gets water from rain or from the farmer. The seed continues to grow and change, but still it does not look like a fruit or a vegetable. The farmer is patient. She keeps watering the little plant. She protects it from all the weeds and insects and animals that want to destroy it. Then one day, the farmer finally recognizes it! Both the seed and the farmer have been transformed.

You can visit Robin and Lucila at Suzie’s Farm. You can take a tour and see for yourself how fruits and vegetables are grown. You can even take some home with you!

Farmer Lucila’s Favorites:

Blue Scotch Kale

Pink Lady Apple

Farm Activity
#1: Pulling weeds
#2: Walking the fields

Winter (Long, dark nights force you to stay inside. This gives you time to appreciate your life, your loved ones lives, and every person’s life)

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