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In Our January/February 2017 Issue

Last Updated January 01, 2017
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January/February 2017 issue edible san diego

Letter from the Publisher


I want to say hello, but first I want to say thank you. Thank you for reading Edible San Diego magazine! This labor of love, nurtured from a little seedling by Riley Davenport and John Vawter over the past seven years, is a cherished and expressive publication I feel very fortunate to have inherited.

We encounter each other here on the cusp of a new year, and 2017 will be all about renewal at Edible San Diego. As the new Publisher and Executive Editor I have embarked on this exciting venture because it felt like a perfect fit. As a daughter, sister, mother and wife, I have a deeply rooted interest in wholesome lifestyles. I’m connected with people with all kinds of backgrounds and experiences around food and health, as I know you are. My childhood spent outdoors in nature, reading and traveling, my curiosity about the interconnectedness of people and the planet, my past work with community organizations, and the energy I rediscover when working with people on projects that inspire...all these things have motivated me to embrace publishing the magazine you hold in your hands and to develop it to better serve the needs of our community.

Please accept my personal invitation to join me on the exciting journey to expand Edible San Diego in ways that reflect the beautiful diversity of San Diego’s people and landscape. We’ve all heard the adage that we are what we eat. Well, that can be a chicken and the egg situation, can’t it? How we define ourselves and what we put in our mouths are not written in stone. On the contrary, I envision Edible San Diego emerging as an ever more welcoming, authentic, and definitive place where we share knowledge and aspirations about our food system, eating better, celebrating our many culinary traditions, and learning more about where our sustenance comes from so that we can support those places. It’s all connected.

This quest already includes action items! I will be carrying out the Edible San Diego Ramble during 2017, an exploratory tour of our county’s food leaders, innovators, and tasty places to eat and drink locally. Along the way, let’s connect on social media, making sure that Edible San Diego grows in ways that reflect your needs, interests and wishes.

So let’s do this. Let’s make Edible San Diego and each other thrive together! The “stone soup” is on the stove and all are invited. The results will be delicious (and nutritious!).

-Katie Stokes, Publisher and Executive Editor

Local Talent: Drew Deckman

Drew Deckman
By now most San Diego diners must have heard about the culinary prowess of Drew Deckman, Michelin-starred “ingredient facilitator” based in the Valle de Guadalupe. Drew has two restaurants in the...

Grilled Valle de Guadalupe Quail with Black Beans

grilled quail
This Grilled Valle de Guadalupe Quail with Black Beans is the perfect dish for any holiday table. 

Kumiai Oysters with Pirul Mignonette

kumiai oysters with pirul
Chef Drew Deckman finds locally-sourced seafood for his Kumiai Oysters with Pirul Mignonette recipe.

Superfood Tonics Mixing Up Your Morning “Cuppa Joe”

superfood tonics
Chillier mornings call for extra cups of coffee in bed, right? As an integrative health and food therapy specialist, I assure you we can make it through the day without four cups of coffee. Superfood...

Maca + Chaga Mushroom “Coffee”

Chaga mushroom offers a velvety, vanilla and mocha-like flavor, making it ideal for a coffee stand in. For that roasted flavor, chaga is complemented by chicory root, cacao and maca. Enjoy hot as a...

Matcha + Moringa Con Panna

Try this instead of your second or third cup of coffee. You’ll feel more alert and get a dense whipped-creamy taste to satisfy your sweet tooth while helping prevent diabetes and fight inflammation...

Dragon Fruit + Camu Cooler

You know we’re going to go through a hot spell at some point this winter. Packed with the most abundant vitamin C–containing plant food, camu berry, this sweet and earthy heat-taming cooler is...

Simple Ways to Help Detoxify Your Kitchen

detoxify the kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it can be a tsunami of disheartening toxins and carcinogens. With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to consider not only eating healthier, but...

Health On Wheels: San Diego Nonprofit Drives Home Sustainable Message

Visitors to Earth Fair 2016 got an early looked at STACKED’s double-decker mobile farm.
When it comes to environmental education, local nonprofit 1to1 Movement believes in the importance of hands-on lessons. But many San Diego schools it serves don’t have on-campus gardens or farm-to-...

Mind to Table: Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

green juice and fresh vegetables
It is no surprise that the most common New Year’s resolution, on which all other resolutions depend, is to become healthier. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions have very low success rates,...

Who’s Who & What’s What—CSA And Meal Delivery Services

fresh produce in a cardboard box
Consider this fair warning: Being a locally minded consumer is not a task for the weary. It takes deliberate dedication, forethought and effort.

Giving Trees: How to Grow Fruit in Your Backyard

peach trees
So there’s a bare spot in your yard. Perhaps you’ve been daydreaming of plucking an orange for breakfast, just steps from your backdoor. Growing fruit trees can be incredibly rewarding with a...

Bugs, Anyone? Insects Just Might Be the Future of Food

edible insects atop a salad of greens and avocado
Keep an open mind. That’s what I told myself as I sat at a table in El Tejate, a restaurant in Escondido, ready to sample an order of chapulines, which I formerly knew only as grasshoppers.

How to Save the Planet and Grow Bigger, Healthier Plants with Bokashi

Ron McCord shows food waste being fermented.
Bokashi is preserving food waste through fermentation. It’s not actually composting,” says Ron McCord, environmental educator at Solana Center and owner of Feed the Soil. Fermentation, for those...

Good For The Soul: Community Gardens

Community gardens
Community gardens operated by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) are such a good idea. The IRC is an organization that works with immigrants and refugees to help them survive in their new...

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