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Urban Farming: Build a Barnyard in Your Backyard

By Sissy Sugarman | August 04, 2014
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A girl holds a rabbit

When you hear the word “farm” what usually sheep and chickens in some rural countryside, far, far away. But now the word “farm” could describe your very own backyard. In 2012, San Diego City Council passed a new law that allows homeowners to keep miniature goats, chickens and even bees in their backyards. This law opened doors for a new movement: The Urban Farming Movement.

You are probably thinking, “I can’t be a farmer.” But there is so much you can do with a few animals and a small vegetable garden, even as a novice. Why would you want to be a farmer? The benefits of raising your own food are endless. Raising your own food is good for your health. It is also a great way to help the earth. By eating food that comes straight from your backyard, you don’t create a carbon footprint. By eating eggs, honey and milk from animals you care for yourself, you make sure that they live in the cleanest, kindest setting.

With just four laying hens, you could have about 21 fresh eggs a week. A miniature dairy goat gives you about half a gallon of milk a day. And with all the tasty fruits and veggies you can grow yourself, you could just about eat only from your yard.

So now, San Diego farms won’t only be in the country far, far away. They may be in your neighbors’ yards, or better yet—your own! Ready to get started on your little slice of farm heaven? It’s easy and I’ll show you how.

Watch for more articles by Farmer Sissy about raising animals for your urban farm. Her next article will be in a future issue of Edible San Diego for Kids.

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